Our Products

Our current line of drone toys.

XT Mini

Our first generation mini drone. Great for beginners; better for advanced pilots. Highly modular and great manual flight.

XT Snap Ace

Our second generation, best for all ages. Allows for smartphone control. Features auto hover and follow. Manual controls are great for advanced pilots.

XT Sidekick Aerial

Its small size, auto controls, and protective cage are great for children. Manual controls allow for more fun as the young pilot grows. 
  • Comes in a nice package, was delivered quick with protected packaging. It looks and feels good. Fly stable and easy in speed 1 rate (definitely for beginners)... I bought for my 4 year old son....
    SME (GearBest)
  • This micro drone includes an unusual protective cage to prevent crash damage.... It will take a lot to break this quadcopter in a crash. Extremely stable, Very easy to learn with. Somewhat sporty, very good maneuverable flier.
  • This is a great quadcopter for beginners and experienced pilots alike. It is slow and easy to fly, but fast and sporty on high rates. The rollcage design means it always lands upright, you don't have to get up and flip it over when you crash.
    Flyin' Ryan RC

About Us

XTFlyer is a subsidiary of Advanced Aerodynamics LLC, holding patents for all XT trademarked drones.